Day 2 of week 2 training

Day 2 of week 2 training

Yesterday was day 2 of week 2 of marathon training. It was such a fantastic run! I got my mile in 7:35. That is HUGE!!! I tried to push myself a little bit more then usual. I was able to push myself a little more because I have the Under Armour Armour39. It tells you your will power and intensity. I was able to watch those numbers while I was running. It was cool to see the numbers rise up as I pushed harder into my run. I was also pushing my daughter for the whole run. Which amazed me with the time I had! I have never been able to run that fast while pushing the stroller. I can see my strength building each day. It’s impressive. On another note I am going to have to take off the rest of this week…my foot is bruised from my 6 mile run. I thought my new shoes were already broken in. They weren’t. Oops. So, I have to let it heal up. I just would hate it getting considerably worse and ruin my training. I am going to rest just to be on the safe side. It didn’t hurt too bad yesterday during my run…but it was a tad sore. The weather was great. It was overcast and breezy. As y’all have heard me say before, I love running in overcast weather. Sun is great too…but I just love an overcast run the best. Onto the subject of music. My marathon, like many other races, won’t allow personal MP3 players. I am going to start training my longer runs without music. I LOVE my music so much. This is going to be a huge challenge for me. I do love challenges! But, it’s going to be a rough one. My mind is going to go crazy without my music. That’s one thing I love about my runs. It’s an escape with music. It makes me feel free and to forget the world and some problems. I guess it will help to train without it for a little while. 🙂 Anyway, yesterday’s run was full of PR’s and great feelings. There is just nothing like seeing your times improve and get faster. It’s just great knowing you’re getting better and doing things you never thought possible. A year ago I wouldn’t of thought this possible. Here I am proving myself and my doubts wrong. I ran my 3 miles in 25:50 WITH the jogging stroller and a sore foot. I am for sure proving myself wrong. Going beyond my limits. Pushing further.

Keep going and don’t EVER give up.
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