Week 3 day 2 marathon training

Week 3 day 2 marathon training

What can I say about today’s run. Well, it was a rough one. My body isn’t adjusting to the change of weather as well as I’d like it to. My pace wasn’t what it’s been. I had to stop and walk a few times. I ran half of the run on the road and the other half on some new gravel trails. Once I got on the trails I picked up speed a bit. The trails were full of shade. It was great! 🙂 I was getting super frustrated with my pace through out my whole run. I know I shouldn’t let myself get so frustrated…but I was just struggling. I’ve never really liked the heat too much. I know my body will eventual adjust and I’ll bounce back. I was still so thankful for my run today. It was another opportunity to be active and to get fresh air. I’ll take it!! 😀 I’m super dedicated to this training! I won’t lie thought, during my run tonight I had a mini anxiety attack. I had thought of “what if I’m not going to be ready for my marathon” “what if I don’t finish” “what if I get injured” too many “what ifs” going on there. I had a freak out moment because of how rough those 4 miles were for me. But, we all have off days…we all have those days where we question ourselves. I will get through it. I WILL finish my marathon in October. I never thought I would run a half marathon. But I did. And I got a better time then I had hoped for! I’m excited yet very nervous for the rest of my training and for my race. This is what I only dreamed about doing since I started running a little over a year ago. I had NO idea this would be happening. But it is. Because I am MAKING it happen. I have worked for this. And I won’t back down or give up!

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