Week 3 long distance day

Week 3 long distance day

Today was week 3’s long distance day. It was a 5 mile run. It was great! My schedule was a little thrown off this week because of weather and my lack of motivation the last half of the week. But, I got it done. It was suppose to be rain and thunderstorms today. There weren’t any thank goodness! It was sunny and breezy when I went out this morning. I ate a nice healthy breakfast and headed out on my way. I took water along with me. It made a huge difference! It wasn’t too bad holding the bottle in my hand. I got use to it and got into a good pace pretty fast. It didn’t take me long at all to get warmed up. I kept my pace around 9 20ish through the run. A nice steady pace for my longer runs. I did my 5 miles in 47:03. I would LIKE to get my 5 miles under 45 mins. I will add suicides to my sprinting days to up the ante a tad bit. It was a fantastic run! There were lots of other folks out running/walking as well. I always enjoy seeing other people being active as well. It always puts a smile on my face! Always! Today those people thought I was crazy I’m sure. The reason why? I had a spray tan done 3 days ago. Lets just say my tan was running down my face, arms, legs and every other visible part of my body. I looked like I was sweating mud. Haha! Made me laugh when I realized WHY I was getting those odd looks! 🙂 I will not be getting a spray tan again during my training. 😉 I am enjoying my longer runs a little more since I found some fun new routes and gravel trails to run on. A change of scenery is always nice and can make the runs much more enjoyable for sure! Another thing, my flyknits are officially broken in fully. They are a part of me now when I run! I love it! I can say for sure my mind was in this run today. I enjoyed myself. A lot. Do y’all remember me talking about how I’m not too excited or thrilled about not being able to listen to my music? Well, during my runs now I am pausing my music for a couple minutes at a time. I am actually starting to like running without my music. I can focus on breathing and I like hearing the noise of my feet hitting the ground. It’s actually really peaceful. I now have to keep my music volume pretty low to be comfortable on my runs. I use to have to have it turned up pretty loud to get my head in the game. It’s funny how your body adjusts through time. It’s pretty neat actually. So, all in all it was a great run today. I paced myself nicely and got it done in a decent time in my opinion.

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