Week 4 day 1

Week 4 day 1

Today was 3 miles. I was so pumped up for this run! I had my new iPhone armband, favorite running clothes on, and water ready. Not to mention it had felt a little cooler then normal outside. Well, I set off for my run on the trails by my house. I started my run and realized I had left my water in the car. DANG IT. I was so irritated cause bringing water on my runs helps my pace and of course keeps me healthy and hydrated during my run. It was SO hot out. The trails had no shade the way I went. So I got a nice little farmers burn from my t-shirt! Ha ha! It wasn’t my favorite run in the world but I still pushed through and got my miles in. I got some nasty blisters from my shoes. Not sure what that was about. I kept a decent pace despite the heat, no water, blisters, burning skin. 😉 They were just some small annoying little bumps in the road.

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