Week 4 day 3 of marathon training

Week 4 day 3 of marathon training

today’s training was a tad different then normal. After Tuesday’s horrific run I was a little nervous to head out and take my daughter again. For those of you who didn’t read about Tuesday’s run..well, to give you a recap…it was awful. Everything seemed to go wrong and my head wasn’t there at all. So, I was a little nervous this morning. Once I got out there and got going I felt great. Although my mind wasn’t 100% in the game…it was a much much better run. 🙂 What was different about today’s training was I did my 3 mile run followed immediately by a 7 mile bike ride pulling my daughter in the bike trailer behind me. I have never done running and biking together like that before. It wore me out but, it really felt great! I did it because of two of my friends. They completed the ironman distance INSIDE yesterday. Yes, you read that right. Inside. That would be 2.4 miles in the pool, 112 miles on the spin bike, and 26.2 miles on the treadmill! Pretty awesome stuff. They were the first females to do the ironman distance inside. They made history. One of them even set a world record! Pretty amazing stuff going on. They had a dream and they went after it and made it happen! I am so proud of the both of them! They are the reason I gave running and biking a chance together today. They inspired me to get a small tiny little taste of what they endured yesterday. I am just amazed. So, that was my training. Tomorrow is the big 9 miles! Longest distance I have run since my half marathon. I am mentally prepared and will get well rested tonight and take off early tomorrow morning! Can’t wait to let you all know how it goes! 


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