Week 4 long distance day and week 5 day 1

Week 4 long distance day and week 5 day 1

Hello all!

Sorry I did not do a blog on my long distance day. It’s been a crazy weekend and past few days. I’ll get into details on why it’s been crazy in a few. First, about my long distance day. It was pretty good. Overcast and windy. It was pretty hot though. My foot was cramping and so were my legs. The first 4 miles weren’t too bad. I was in the run. My legs felt great and my body was so in tune with the run. After mile four though it was a little bit uncomfortable. I was honestly just ready to be done after mile 4. Between 4 and 5 it was awful. I ran on a road that had creepy abandoned buildings and there was no one around. It felt like that mile took me an hour in itself to do. But, once I finished the nine miles I had THE BEST runner’s high. I loved most of the route I ran. Some bothered me like I previously said.

Alright, now onto the details of why it has been a crazy weekend and past few days. I last minute drove down to Georgia for a job interview. I drove down Monday and interviewed Tuesday. I start training on Friday. It is going to be a struggle and adjustment to work a 8-5 job and keep up my fitness schedule plus my marathon training. But I’m GOING to make it work. There is no way I am going to back down on ANY of my training. With that being said, here is week 5, day 1 of marathon training.

It was my first run in Georgia. I forgot how HOT and how HUMID it gets down here! Wow! My training said three miles but my legs took me two miles. My lungs are going to have to get use to this Georgia air again. My pace was pretty decent for the way I felt! It may not have been the amount of miles I wanted to go but those two miles were MY miles! I got out there when I didn’t exactly want to and I got it done. Hopefully I’ll be use to this heat and humidity in no time!

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