Week 5 day 2

Week 5 day 2

Today’s run was okay. Being in a new place to run is a change. I wouldn’t call it bad but I wouldn’t call it my favorite either. I was use to my comfortable military base. I could run where I wanted and when I wanted and I felt pretty confident and safe…but out in the “real world” is a little different feeling. A feeling of not being safe running wherever my feet take me. So, because I don’t feel comfortable around here yet, I ran the neighborhood 4 times this morning to get in my 4 miles. I got bored and felt like I was running in circles…which I kind of was. Ha ha. But I am glad I got it done. The humidity got to me again. I even got out around 8am to run and it was STILL hot that early. I got a nice sweat in. That is for sure. More miles done and more experience as a runner. I love it. As miserable as I feel sometimes when I’m doing it, I really do adore running. It makes me crazy and it sometimes makes my head feel like it wants to explode…but again I’m so addicted and get pure joy from it as well. I am dedicated to the run. And I love it. Now it’s time for me to get to bed and get my rest. It’s another 3 miles at some point tomorrow then 10 miles on Saturday. I need to mentally prepare for my long distance run. It will be my longest run since my half marathon. I’m extremely excited and nervous about it.

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