hey you.

hey you.

This one is for all the mommas out there.

Have any of my mommy friends felt like you have all failed as moms? I know I have! I know each day that passes I look at other moms who seem to have it all together(I know, there goes that comparing thing again). 

Some days though it’s just hard. It’s hard to look at other families or moms and see that they have their crap together.

When here I am doing the best I can and a lot of times it doesn’t seem to me like I’m doing quite enough.

So here is to the moms who skip on there hair and make up some mornings because those few extra precious Minutes of sleep mean the world. To messy kitchens and last nights dishes still lingering in the sink. To the nights where you hardly slept because your baby was up sick half the night. To the dark circles that often times take a place under our eyes on our beautiful faces. To the moms who act as a mother and a father. To the moms who stay at home all day with their babies then turn around and take care of their significant other when they return home from work. To the moms who get their babies up, dress them, feed them, load them into the car, take them to school, then head to work themselves. To the mom whose clothes don’t always match. Whose clothes have stains from the baby throwing up. To the ones who make time for themselves in whatever ways they can. The ones who hear Micky mouse club house constantly. The ones who cook, clean, and still make time to take a shower every now and again. The ones who maybe skipped the cleaning to sneak away for a quiet shower. The ones who grocery shop with kids hanging out of and onto the cart. 

The ones who sometimes feel as if they aren’t doing enough, aren’t enough. This one is for you. 

The ones who call you mommy know good and well that you are enough. In their eyes you can do no wrong(until they hit teenage years of course. Hehe). The ones who see you as super mom. They see you as so much more than you see yourself. You’re doing the best you can. But sometimes, we need to be reminded of that.

Sometimes we need someone to step in and let us know we rock. We are enough and we do a lot for those around us.

So here is your reminder today. Whoever you are. Whoever needs to hear this today. Whatever momma is struggling with holding on. 

If you feel you’re barely holding on by a thread some days…you aren’t alone. You’re never alone. 

Keep on keeping on and keep that busy, precious, beautiful, pretty, talented head up. And know you do so much. And you are good enough.

Thanks for reading,


Would you fix the broken pieces of me?

Would you fix the broken pieces of me?

I saw a quote on social media today that said…

“The one who broke you is the only one who can fix you”

Basically this is one of the worst quotes I have ever seen in my life.

Whoever wrote this or said this has a lot to learn. In fact, I feel bad for that person.

Like, really bad.

First off, you shouldn’t rely on another human being to fix you. No one on earth can fix you but you. 

You can’t wait for someone who may or may not come back around to fix you.

Guess what…if that person broke you because they didn’t want you anymore…what makes you think they are going to come back and fix you? 

Let me give you a hint. They aren’t.

Relying on others to fix you is foolish. It isn’t smart and you’ll live your whole life searching and searching for someone to fix you. Or you’ll be waiting years and years for that person who broke you to fix you. When in all reality they probably don’t even care too much about you anymore.

I’ve seen friends gets hurt time after time and want them to fix them. Hell, I have waited for someone to fix me too. If I didn’t snap out of whatever bull crap I was in, I’d still be waiting to be fixed!

That’s not exactly a life anyone wants to live. Or maybe it is. If it is than oh boy..

You’re in for a life of disappointment.

Just like you can’t rely on others to make you happy. You have to be happy with yourself first. You can’t put happiness in people. Sure, you can be happy with a person. But don’t place you’re full happiness in them. 

If you do, I promise more times than not you will be extremely disappointed. 

Not saying if you don’t put your happiness in them you won’t be disappointed either.

Back to my earlier point…

Don’t rely on someone who broke you to fix you. That’s some silly shizniz right there.

Not to mention that we can’t save ourselves either. As a Christian myself, I rely on God to fix me. I’m broken. And relying on others is just plain silly.

Sure, there will be people that will be put in your path to help you heal and help ease the pain of the broken pieces. 

But, a person will never be able to fix you. I don’t care you they are, who you are, or who yall are together. A person can not heal a broken person. And the person who broke you isn’t going to fix you.

I see my generation and I shake my head more and more. It’s comments as that and quotes as that that make me ashamed and wonder what the heck are some of us thinking? 

Let’s wake up people. 

Focusing on yourself and bettering yourself is the way to go. The broken pieces will heal in time. Just don’t rely on a certain person to fix it.

Oh goodness I have been all over the place with my rants and opinions. 

Thanks so much to those of you who read and support my blog,




A common lie amung many these days.

Let’s face it. That selfie you took this morning that you said “I woke up like this!” Anddddd you didn’t wake up like that.

You caked the make up on and threw on some cute clothes.

I so wish more women would be more natural. And no, I am not saying women who wear make up are bad. I’m one of them after all. I just wish more of us could embrace the natural beauty.

In today’s society it Makes it almost impossible to accept ourselves as the way we were born. We have plastic surgery where we literally can change every single body part to be exactly how we want it. We can change boys into girls and girls into boys. We can have larger breasts, smaller breasts, bigger noses, smaller noses, straight noses, eyebrow lifts, bigger lips and dang contacts to change our eye color. We can do even more than that. But, you all know that already. 

I know I have blogged on this topic before and this certainly won’t be the last either. The idea of “beauty” in today’s world is wrong. They have it entirely wrong and completely messed up. 

We were created beautifully. I don’t care if you believe in God or not. You must admit reguardless that we humans and women are beautifully made. We are awesome. Women have curves. We have so much to offer. We are beautiful naturally! 

I myself have cut back on make up and I’m still trying to cut back even more. I want my pores to not be clogged with this make up that is bad for my skin. I want my face to be able to breath and not be hiding behind this mask I paint on every morning. 

I want to be focused more on my natural beauty. The magazines can keep telling me that this make up will make me prettier. Make me look better. Enhance and blah blah blah. 

Just some of the worlds inventions blow my mind. Push up bras. You can’t afford surgery? Don’t worry you can make your boobs look bigger by wearing a really uncomfortable bra that pushes your boobs to your chin.

Again, not dissing them. I have worn them. I’m just sharing my opinion and thoughts on some of the lengths women will go to feel good about themselves. 

Let’s focus on more brain and less of the worlds ideas of beauty. If we put half as much effort into more productive things than hours upon hours to getting ready or getting pretty than imagine what we could do.

It’s not a contest ladies. It isn’t about who is the prettiest. It isn’t about who had the best hair, make up, clothes, or anything of that matter. 

It’s about lifting each other up. It’s about working together. 

I so wish more women would redefine beauty. And not my idea of beauty. But their own. I know we all can’t really think that this worlds idea of “beauty” is wonderful. It’s stressful. That’s it. It’s stressful. 

Beauty has become stressful. 

I’m beautiful because I’m made beautiful. I wake up beautiful. I don’t have to cover my beauty to make the world think I’m pretty.

Females are seriously amazing and seriously beautiful. And no men, don’t get your panties in a wad. You’re amazing too. 

Women are just beautiful. And I absolutely hate the beauty standards of the world these days. Beauty isn’t who has bigger boobs, who has bigger or smaller booty, who has a flatter tummy, who has bigger or small legs, longer or shorter legs. Beauty shouldn’t be based on these things. Beauty is tall girls, short girls, curvy girls, skinny girls and every thing in between. Your hair color, eye color, body type, skin type…it doesn’t matter. They are all beautiful.

I’m going to fight to accept everything about myself. I’m going to fight to love me and show that I don’t need to alter anything to be beautiful. 🙂 

So let’s fight to make #iwokeuplikethis a real deal. Let’s take care of our bodies but love them the way they are. 

Thanks for reading, 


Settle for a slow down 

Settle for a slow down 

Day 9 of 100 days of happy.


I love to explore. I absolutely love going places I’ve never been, meeting new people, and doing things I have never done before.

I have a free spirit who hates the constant of every day life. I can’t hardly stand routine. It will drive a person mad.

I love to be surrounded by nature. I love to be in the midst of the woods. I love to be away from all the busy. 

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy being busy most days. But a lot of days it’s so nice to have a slow down. It’s nice to step back and have zero cares in the world.

It’s nice to enjoy what was meant to be enjoyed. The earth wasn’t made for us to sit inside box shaped houses like zombies and watch tv and play video games. It was meant to be enjoyed..it was meant to make us extremely happy. They call it fresh air for a reason after all. 

Plus, the leaves are starting to change. And you all know I’ll take any chance to get active! 

So today, the outdoors and exploring the outdoors is what makes me happy. 

Thanks for reading,


Those yogi toes.

Those yogi toes.

Day 8 of 100 days of happy

Yoga has been a saving grace on more than one occasion in my life. Being someone with high anxiety it does wonders. It’s a natural way to relax my body and my mind.

It calms my soul and helps my brain to calm itself and relax. 

It helps my mind, body, and soul to connect and it helps me to gain control over my body movements as well as breathing. 

The health benefits are amazing. 

It makes you felxible. I mean come on..who doesn’t want to be flexible?! Flexibility opens up new worlds in fitness along with other areas of your life(yes, including your sex life).

It just makes life better all around. Yoga is a great way to detox and to calm yourself all around. It strengthens and lengthens your muscles and is good for your heart.

So grab a mat and get going!

My absolute favorite yogi is yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.

She is funny and has great energy. She is my go to for yoga videos! Her and Tara Stiles is also a great one! Tara Stiles Is who got me into yoga. 





We are on day 7 of 100 days of happy! 

Today it’s colors. 

Colors make me extremely happy. 

I want to fill my life with bright colors and bright people. I want positivity and love. I want peace and calm. And that’s what I will have.

Some have called me hippyish or a flower child. I say I march to the beat of my own drum despite what others say around me. 

So, surround yourself with happy today. Surround yourself with bright pretty colors and bright pretty people who make your heart smile. đź’—đź’śđź’—đź’ś

Thanks for reading,


Social social social media and the Internet

Social social social media and the Internet


I read something yesterday that made me laugh out loud a little.

“Thanks to the booming of blogging the Internet has turned into one giant soapbox”

How true is that? It’s so very true. There are so many bloggers it’s almost overwhelming at times to think about. 

The Internet is such an amazing thing.

It is also one of the most dangerous and harmful things in existence if you ask my opinion. And of course you’re asking my opinion because you’re on my blog…and my blog is based on my opinions. He he.

The Internet is a necessary evil these days I believe. At times it is extremely helpful. At times it is extremely horrible. I’ve had good and very bad experiences with the Internet.

• the Internet makes it so you can communicate with friends near and far. 

In this case it is awesome. You can comminicate with friends all around the country, heck, all around the world! Totally awesome right?!

At this same point this can also be a extremely sad thing. Because you can watch your friends that live far lives…you won’t be as determined to actually travel to see your friends. The Internet makes it so we don’t have to see our friends face to face. 

• the Internet let’s you say what you want, when you want, and hide behind a screen.

It is so easy to sit behind a screen and type how you feel(obviously). You don’t have to deal with confrontation. And you don’t have to deal with that persons reaction face to face. The Internet takes bullying to a whole new level. 

• the Internet is an endless source of information

While this is an awesome thing. Every high school and college students dream. Being able to find info at the sinple click of a button. Awesome right? Totally awesome.

At the same time this can be very tricky. One word, Wikipedia. I don’t know how they do it these days. But when I was in school we were not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source for information. I mean the average joe can post that there has been a pink banana in the Amazon for 1 million years that they just discovered and someone on planet earth would believe it. Don’t believe everything you read people.

• online dating. 

So you don’t have time to go out and meet people? And all your friends are taken and their friends are taken and their friends friends are taken. And you just don’t have time. Not to mention you really don’t feel like meeting the love of your life at a bar. So, you go to the lovely interweb! Tinder, POF, eharmony etc etc. 

look, I’m not judging. I’ve used a few dating sites myself. 

But let’s look at this. You meet a stranger ONLINE. They could be anyone! Refer back to my other point about hiding behind a screen. The Internet is most dangerous because you can be anything or anyone you want to be. You can hide your true identity. This is the most dangerous of all in my opinion. 

Take caution when online dating. When meeting strangers online. Be careful. Obviously.

Now that I’ve gone a complete rant about the Internet…I’m going to rant about just how much I adore the interweb.

First off, social media. Dear good gosh. I love social media. I love it so much. I like to post things people like to see. I like connecting with friends near and far. I love reading other people’s blogs. I love blogging. I love reading silly articles that make me smile and laugh when the day is dragging. I like to get my feelings out for people to see. I like relating to people and people relating to me. I love having the news on my feed on Facebook and Twitter. I like keeping up with celebs. I like looking up fashion tips and decorating tips and recipes. I love having all kinds of information in front of me. 

With the Internet the possibilities are endless. Use these possibilities for good. Inspire those around you with your positivity. And motivate and love those around you. Make a difference. Make people remember you in the best ways possible. Leave a mark and shine brightly through your social media. Again, make a difference, even if it’s a small one. 

Thanks for reading,