I have MOVED!

I have MOVED!

Hello dear readers!

I have some pretty grand and exciting news! I have moved to a new domain! I have a host now and I am moving on up! (ha ha).

My new website is lifeaslex.org (Link at bottom of page)

Please go over to it and follow my new blog and check out my very first post on it!

I am very excited to announce this news. I am so sad however to announce that I wasn’t able to export all of my information and what not. So, I will have to start over new. Check it out!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Thanks for reading,


Into the depths we go..

Into the depths we go..

As the media coverage of Lamar Odom becomes older and older news with each passing day../I wanted to bring it back in the spot light.

Not nessasarly Mr. Odom himself, but his sickness.

You see, Mr. Odom is an addict. He has issues. Clearly. 

But, don’t we all? 

Are any of us perfect? No.

Anyways, the situation with Lamar made me personally think. It hit me harder than most celeb news. In fact, half the time I don’t really pay attention to the happenings of the rich and famous. I just don’t care to pay attention much to them.

This though, this hit me. It showed me again that these people are human and have real life problems. It reminded me that money doesn’t fix mental or personal issues. In fact, it may even cause more. 

I sit and think at times how nice it must be to make so much money. Then again no matter how much you make…us as humans tend to live life styles beyond our means. No matter how much we make. We tend to always want more.

On another note. Addiction.

How sad the whole situation was to me. I payed attention to it because I feel for anyone who suffers with mental issues and drug issues. Rich or poor. It doesn’t matter. An issue is an issue. And I know how torturing a mental illness is and how it taunts you from the inside out.

I saw so many people making jokes and laughing. Why? A few people I saw saying “when you have that much money and that much talent why would you do that?”

Well, it’s easy to ask why when we aren’t in someone’s shoes. We don’t know what’s going on inside his head or even in his personal life. Look, rich people struggle too. Poor people struggle. Middle class struggles. We all struggle. We are all human. No matter your race or even how much money and talent you have.

Sure, it’s easy for us people who aren’t that talented making millions to sit back and point fingers and say “if I had that money and talent I would never do that.”. But, we aren’t there. We aren’t him. We aren’t her. We aren’t them.

Are you perfect? No? Okay, then it really isn’t your place to judge. In fact, it’s not any of our place to judge. Until we have all lived in one another’s shoes…we have no right to judge anyone.

You never know the struggle of someone else’s heart. 

You never know the pain or even the happiness.

You don’t know.

I am very sensitive to judgement. I mean, who actually likes to be judged? 

I want to be cautious more often on this. 

I wanted to wait until it all died down a little more before creating and posting this post.

With some of my posts my intent is to stir the pot a little bit. To cause people to think in the moment of the happenings. But, with this one I didn’t really want to do that.

I wanted to give it time to cool off a bit. Let people clear their minds a bit. 

I was rather flustered at the fact of people making fun of the situation. I actually wrote a whole different blog post the day that everything happened. I was upset and angry with those who were making fun of Lamar.  Not that I am defending him or what he has done. Because I am not. At all. But, I am respecting the fact that he is human despite being rich and famous. 

I have issues as well. I have some mental issues…depression and anxiety. Big time. There are times where my brain goes to some crazy places. It goes and wonders. So, I get the going crazy inside part. I don’t understand the addiction to drugs because I have never tried drugs. That has always been something that is extremely easy for me to say no to. But, I also know depression, anxiety and other worldly issues can push humans to points we don’t want to be and don’t know how we got there in the first place or how anyone can get to those places. 

Those aren’t excuses. They are real and true. It happens. 

I try to remind myself often that I am human, he is human, she is human, they are human. We as humans mess up in big ways sometimes. It’s life. We must learn from our mistakes and better ourself through them. If we don’t learn from them than we will never grow. 

So, here’s to being human. Here is to messing up(because we all will), here is to forgiveness, here is to growth and last but certainly not least, here is to loving.

Thanks for reading,


Behind the mask..

Behind the mask..

Hello all and happy Halloween!

Since we are gearing up for a whole bunch of people running around pretending to be someone they aren’t…it sparked a post idea in my brain.

People pretending to be someone they aren’t. I figured on Halloween this topic would be appropriate.

Look, I’m so guilty of this.

I’ve pretending to be someone I’m not for a really long time. Mostly to please those around me. It’s not a constant pretending. It’s just hiding certain things to please this person and that person. Something you all have probably noticed about me from some of my posts is that I am a MAJOR people pleaser. If someone isn’t happy with me than it eats me up from the inside out. It isn’t a completely healthy way to be. At all.

I was too scared to show my mistakes and show my flaws. I’ve always been the type to cover my story up. Twist it, change it and even lie about it to make myself look better. When in reality lying and covering up the truth is anything but looking good. I have no idea why I was always so concerned about looking perfect.

When you make a mistake…don’t cover it up. Don’t hide it. Don’t sweep it under the rug and goodness, don’t pretend it didn’t happen. I can’t stress enough that we are all human. We all make mistakes. I can guarantee that the mistake you just made…someone else has made it too.

Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings on the earth in my opinion…and when we mess up we feel like we are alone in our mess ups. Like we are the only person on planet earth to make this one mistake. I can promise you that you are not alone. The more you open up and are honest to people about your mistakes…the more you find out just how NOT alone you really are.

I was the PRO at covering up my mistakes or just putting them in the past and forgetting about them all together.

I was basically trying to be perfect for everyone around me. I was way too concerned about what those around me would think about me if they knew things I’d done in the past.

I’ve been through a lot in the short years of my life. There is no doubt about that. More than anyone would ever want to go through or experience. But! Just because someone might not agree or like what I’ve done…and I may even lose people along the road…but owning my story is something I’m slowly but surely learning how to do. Because, it is okay to share with others your mistakes…maybe they can learn from them and take away something that will help them to not make the mistakes you made. Sharing your true self could help someone. Try it.

I’m taking off the mask and stepping into the spotlight. I’m welcoming myself for who I am. I’m not going to be ashamed of who I am or what I’ve done. My past mistakes will not define who I am as a person.

And about losing people along the way…you are always going to lose people. If you hide yourself or not. You will always lose people along your path through life. It’s simply how it is. So, you should always be yourself.

Because as the saying goes, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

As children are ringing your doorbell tonight dressed as something they aren’t. Let that be a reminder to always be yourself. Except on Halloween. On Halloween always be something you aren’t.

Happy Halloween!!!

Thanks for reading,


When life goes left…not right

When life goes left…not right

In life you don’t usually end up where you think you’ll be.

I know I’ve blogged on this topic before. But, I’m good at repeating myself at times. So, here goes.

I’m no where near where I thought I would be in life. When I was young i had no idea what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. As I got into high school I wanted to be a few different things. I went back and forth between a physical therapist or a magazine editor. 

I had big dreams of moving to New York City and interning at a magazine company. I had wanted to live in a high rise apartment that over looked the city. I wanted to be a career women. I didn’t want a family. I didn’t want kids. Maybe a boyfriend or something but nothing serious. I wanted to focus on myself and making a lot of money. I had an extremely selfish mindset. 

I also wanted to cheer in college. I wanted to be seen basically. I wanted the attention. As a lot of people do. 

This idea and dream didn’t change until I got pregnant. 

When I got pregnant I knew I wouldn’t be moving to New York. It slipped out of my fingers and died. I now had someone else besides myself to worry about. I knew there would be no magazine and there would be no high rise apartment over looking the city alone.

As I am writing this today I have relized I have turned my love for writing into something different. I am now a blogger. 

It’s so funny to me to look back and remember where I thought I would be. I was so set in my ways in high school and I just knew I was going to make it big time. I was going to make loads of money, drive a nice car, and make people know my name. It was going to sit on a magazine and people would know I did that.

These days though, that dream isn’t much of a dream anymore. I now have no care to live in a large city. In fact, I work right outside of Atlanta Georgia and I absolutely hate it. I hate the traffic and I can’t stand the amount of people that aren’t around me in a single day.

Don’t get me wrong. A trip to the city a few times a year is wonderful. I like having that option. But, I could never live in the heart of a large city. 

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason.

As I have shared before I am a Christian. And I do believe in my God. 

I believe my path was directed elsewhere. I believe I honestly wouldn’t of been happy. I don’t think I knew what I truly wanted at that time. And I thank the Lord that I am where I am today.

I thought I didn’t want children till I was a lot older. Now, I am so thankful I have had one young. So thankful.

Be thankful for where you are in life. Blessing in disguise are truly the best. You may not see them at the time. But later, you will. You’ll see the blessings that you couldn’t exactly see at the time.

Enjoy life. If your dream didn’t come when you wanted it too. It’s okay. Keep hustling and keep working extremely hard to get that dream. If that is what you truly want.

I’m working hard…and I mean extremely hard to become a better and well rounded blogger. I want to be the best I can be and more importantly I want to impact people with my words. I want to use my words to guide and help people the best I can.

I want to write something that means something to someone. I want people to relate to me. I want people to not nessasarly agree with me, but like me well enough to respect my opinions as well as me respecting theirs.

I just want to make an impact. Don’t we all though?

My dream now has changed. It may be along the same lines. It has changed drastically. I am here to impact people with my blog. I am here to change people’s lives with my words. And little by little I will get there. Even if it’s just a few I impact along the way. That’s a victory to me.

Every victory counts. 

So, get out there and chase your dreams but also accept where you are in this crazy world. You’ll never be here again. Every second is passing. There is no time to be unhappy with your life. If you don’t like where you are, change something. Work hard and build a life you love. Work though the kinks and stay strong when the going gets tough.

Live it up. Live it out. 

Thanks so much for reading,

Lex l

Leg leg leggings!!!

Leg leg leggings!!!

Alright. There are have been a million articles and people dissing leggings as pants. 

Here is a point of view from a extremely athletic women… Aka me! 

Like my thighs make up 98% of my body weight. 

Jeans? Yeah, unless they are extreme stretch…they aren’t going over these thunder thighs. And if they do, they will probably rip. I’m just saying. 

So, what’s my go to PANTS when I need a savior of all the PANTS?


They are stretchy and I don’t have to worry about thunder and lightening ripping them at their seams. 

Throw some pockets on those things and Jean colored material and you’ve got jeggings. Hands down the best invention on earth. 

In fact, I’m currently sitting here in my adorable oversized pink sweater with lace, brown boots, and *GASP!* my black leggings! And I wore them to work and rocked them.

Not to mention the things they do to my leg muscles is magic I swear. I mean, do they really look that good in real life?! Or is it the leggings? Either way I am rolling with it! They are what I feel most comfortable in. 

So, ladies, if there is a style you rock that a lot of the world thinks is ridiculous…keep rocking that ridiculous style you love and adore so much. 

Rock it. Flaunt it. Own it.

I know I will continue to rock my leggings with my oversized sweaters for many more fall/winters to come. 

And when I get those funny stares at my leggings…I may just swish my hips a little harder for you ladies! So, watch out world! Lexie is rocking the leggings! 

Sorry, I needed a lighter post. 

Thanks for reading,


Opinions opinions opinions. I warned you.

Opinions opinions opinions. I warned you.

Hello all!

It was a busy weekend that is for sure. 

It was filled with coffee, game of thrones, corn maze, building up my garage gym, hot tea, and front porch sitting. 

I’d say that sums up one hell of an awesome weekend.

I’m currently working on a few blog posts but they aren’t where I would like them to be yet. 

I do however have a subject I really want to blog on.

I like to blog about my opinion of things that are happening in the news.

So, let’s talk about how Caitlyn Jenner has become “women of the year” by glamour magazine.

First, this is ridiculous because “Caitlyn” is not a women.

I read an article when things came out about Bruce becoming a women. I’ve wanted to make a post but just wasn’t ready until now. Anyways, the article that I had read made a great point..

Bruce Jenner isn’t a women. 

Now, I am not bashing transgendars. I can’t imagine how that must feel because I’ve never been in that position. Do I believe you can be born a women in a mans body? No, I don’t believe that. I believe if you were born with a penis than you are in fact a man..and if you were born with a Vagina than in fact you are a women.

Does Caitlyn bleed for a week straight once a month? No. Does she have the ability to go into one of the most painful things in life and that is labor? No. 

You know why? Because she isn’t a female.. 

I’ve posted before in one of my other blog posts about my views. So, if you’ve been following along you know I’m not a supporter of certain things. I don’t judge. But! I also have my own opinion. And yes, I will share it. 

I’m not judging Caitlyn by any means. I’m not judging anyone in the transgender community.

I do however think that the title of “women of the year” should be given to, in fact, a women.

I know, I know. The world today is changing. It’s a different place. Things are more accepted, clearly. That does not mean I have to believe in it or agree. I will state my opinions. I will share them. I will not however be rude to anyone who doesn’t share in my opinions as I’ve said a million times and I’ll say it many, many more. I love sharing opinions. 

Here’s another opinion for you all…I personally think it’s offensive to women. Again, MY opinion. Share it with me or not. My blog, not yours. 

I hate stepping on toes. Hate it. But I really wanted to put my opinion on this matter out there. I just…I almost don’t even know what to think. I’m so very mind blown. But, I have to remember this is media. Media receives attention. Putting “her” as women of the year obviously received huge attention. That’s what the world is about right? Or making a change or a difference. I bet glamour blew up. Bravo glamour for making your money. 

Let’s remember…they put stuff on there that will sell, that will stir stuff up. I know, because well, I’m a writer. You want stuff that will stir a little drama. You want something juicy. Trust me, I get it. I do.

So, my opinion? I’m not going to sit back and worry about a magazine trying to make money. I’m glad Caitlyn can finally feel good in her own skin. And I’m sure she has made a few pretty pennies as well.

With all that being said…now that I have gone off on a matter that 95%(or more) of humans have gone off about…I’m ending my rant/random blog post on something I really really couldn’t care less about(ha ha!)

Did I get your blood pressure up a bit? Did I have you disagreeing? Or even agreeing with me? Stir up some things every now and again. It works. 😉

So, congrats to the first male(or female? Penis or vagina?) to win “women of the year” award.

On another completely different note….

My home gym is coming along great!

A little side note to end this perfectly opinionated rant<3 

Back to your regular programming.

Thanks for reading,


Did she really?

Did she really?

I had an interesting run in with many people via Facebook last night.

Last night I found the “other” folder on my Facebook messenger. You know, the one where it puts messages from people you don’t know or don’t have any mutual friends with.

Well, there were some extremely interesting messages that were tucked away in there. Some I wish I had seen earlier. Some I feel so protected over by not seeing them when they were sent.

There was an ex girlfriend of my ex husband,another ex of a previous ex of mine(that is so confusing I know), some random guy telling me that my was boyfriend was screwing his girlfriend and went to go on ranting for message after message, and a few random people who wrote me about my current situation(random account created by one person trying to look like someone else), some just plain random people saying hey, and someone telling me they follow me on Instagram and I’m incredibly inspirational with my weight loss and fitness journey.

Crazy right?

It made me stop and think as I replied to a few of these people this morning. I was just thinking about the different stages in life and how things can drastically change in just a few short years. These people who I didn’t exactly like when they wrote me…I was able to hold a few conversations with a few of them this morning. I was thinking about when I knew these people back then…I was a completely different person.

I’ve been constantly changing and learning through so many different experiences. My life has been anything but boring. I’ve shared a short version of my story with you all and I’m sure in just the few words I wrote about it I had a few gaping mouths.

This blog post is another to the younger generation.


NOW! I’m pretty much the LAST person who should be giving any kind of relationship advice. But, I’ve been in enough(too many) to know what’s up out there in the real world.

Dating is fun right? Crushes are fun right? 

Right! They are so fun!

But honestly I don’t want to talk about dating or crushes or any of the lovey dicey ewwie gewwie stuff.

I’ve been through not one but TWO failed marriages.

Some of you are probably like NEXT BLOG POST PLEASE. Or this girl is crazy pants! Or why in the world would anyone take relationship advice from you?! 

Well, I’ve been there. I’ve been there numerous times and failed.

The one conclusion I have come to… The very one thing I needed to change.

•Do not..I repeat…do not put your happiness in someone else.

This puts the relationship on a fast track to failure real quick.

Some of you are probably like yeah okay…but they make me happy? 

Great. I’m extremely glad they make you happy. But, what I am saying is… Do not let them be the only thing that makes you happy. Do not in trust your happiness in them alone.

You have to be okay without this person. You have to be able to function when they aren’t around. You just do.

Another important point…

Which to most normal people this is a real easy one. But let me tell you…it is easy to say…but to act on I have failed. 

Stay faithful

For your dang self and for those surrounding you. Just do it. 

Again, more head shaking I’m sure. I’m sure people are thinking this point is all too obvious. It’s not though. It should be. But it isn’t. 

Relationships are extremely hard work. Marriage is extremely hard work. (And we wonder why I’ve been married twice..)

Coming from someone who has been through two divorces.

Two very painful and two totally different situations. 

I was raised in a home where you work it out. You don’t get divorced. I’m not so sure on that point anymore. My vision is foggy from expirience on that subject. It’s like sex before marriage. Once you do it and realize how easy it is to do…it happens multiple times and such..

I’m being completely real here. I’m being raw and honest with my followers. 

I’m here to put the things I’ve been through out there in hopes that maybe, just maybe I am making someone feel like they aren’t alone in their struggles. 

I’m human. I’ve messed up time and dang time again. I will continue to mess up and I will continue to build my story. I will continue to share my story despite what some may think of me. I will take the chance and share what I have to say. 

I’ve said this and I will say it again. I’ve been judged in the past and I will get judged and continue to be judged by people. If you don’t like what I share in my blog…don’t read it. Simple as that. 
I’ve made some mistakes to get where I am. But where I am is in happiness. So, I guess in the end everything that led up to this point was worth the troubles. 
Sure, some things that I’ve learned I wish I had known before I made some of the mistakes in my life. But, like the old saying says, “It is what it is.

What you can do in life is learn from your mistakes and move on. You pack up, pick up, and move right on along.

That’s the best you can do.

Man, I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with this post. It took an odd turn. Relationships aren’t something I often give much advice over. All I can share is stuff I have personally experienced. Which isn’t the greatest in life. But, I know the mistakes I have made. And I can share them so others can learn from me as well. Use me as an example or something. 

I’m going to stop going on and on now.

Thanks for reading today’s ramblings,