Leg leg leggings!!!

Leg leg leggings!!!

Alright. There are have been a million articles and people dissing leggings as pants. 

Here is a point of view from a extremely athletic women… Aka me! 

Like my thighs make up 98% of my body weight. 

Jeans? Yeah, unless they are extreme stretch…they aren’t going over these thunder thighs. And if they do, they will probably rip. I’m just saying. 

So, what’s my go to PANTS when I need a savior of all the PANTS?


They are stretchy and I don’t have to worry about thunder and lightening ripping them at their seams. 

Throw some pockets on those things and Jean colored material and you’ve got jeggings. Hands down the best invention on earth. 

In fact, I’m currently sitting here in my adorable oversized pink sweater with lace, brown boots, and *GASP!* my black leggings! And I wore them to work and rocked them.

Not to mention the things they do to my leg muscles is magic I swear. I mean, do they really look that good in real life?! Or is it the leggings? Either way I am rolling with it! They are what I feel most comfortable in. 

So, ladies, if there is a style you rock that a lot of the world thinks is ridiculous…keep rocking that ridiculous style you love and adore so much. 

Rock it. Flaunt it. Own it.

I know I will continue to rock my leggings with my oversized sweaters for many more fall/winters to come. 

And when I get those funny stares at my leggings…I may just swish my hips a little harder for you ladies! So, watch out world! Lexie is rocking the leggings! 

Sorry, I needed a lighter post. 

Thanks for reading,



40 thoughts on “Leg leg leggings!!!

    1. They aren’t. 🙂 pantyhose is see through. You can see your skin and such. Leggings are solid and a thick material. Basically like running pants but in skinny jean form. I always wear boots over mine with a long sweater or a baggy tshirt! Haha!

  1. I’m a little weird…I love jeans and leggings! I think people should wear whatever they’re the most comfortable in 🙂

    1. Same here! I had someone tell me that big girls shouldn’t wear them. I got so offended by that comment! If someone wants to rock them, go for it! No matter the size! 🙂

  2. Haha I def think leggings are not pants! But your sweater covers your bum, so technically you’re not showing them as pants. They’re similar to yoga pants, which everyone wears anyway, so keep rocking them!

  3. Haha I def believe that leggings are not pants! But your sweater covers your bum, so you’re not really showing them as pants. Everyone wears yoga pants which are basically the same thing anyway (and just as inappropriate to me haha!), so keep on rocking them anyways!

  4. I think it’s the see through leggings… you know, when people dont know they’re see through. A nice thick legging or workout legging is obviously appropriate. I am wear mine right now!

    1. You can wear them today!!! Rock them! 🙂 though, if you’re not comfortable yet in them then don’t 😉 but they are so comfy! And rocking them is fun!

    1. I agree with you. Some times there is a little too much shown that’s for sure. I wear long sweaters and shirts with mine unless I’m running in them then I wear my running jacket. To each their own 😉 thanks for the comment!

  5. The only issue I have with leggings as pants is when they’re too thin for that purpose. Jeggings are totally cool, because they’re substantial. Not all leggings are created equal (and when in doubt, tunics can cover a multitude of fabric sins, lol). Rock on with your leggings and boots on!

  6. I haven’t worn leggings since I was a kid. But, I woke up one day last month and said I NEED leggings!! Love wearing them under shorter skirts and dresses for a layered look! Great post!

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