Let’s Talk Body-Postpatum

Let’s Talk Body-Postpatum

Hey y’all! 
Let’s talk body again! This time, I want to speak on postpartum.
I am 5 days Postpartum. 

(9 months pregnant, 1 day postpartum, 5 days postpartum) 
As most of you know I have stayed fit through my pregnancy. One of my big goals was to workout until my due date just as long as baby was happy and healthy.
I had to modify things towards the end of course..but I was pretty dang proud of myself for continuing my workout routine.
I must admit. Towards the end I packed on the weight. It was extremely discouraging to me because I was working out pretty hard and getting in workouts 4-5 times a week. I wasn’t eating terrible and the lbs were just packing on quickly. 
The last few months I felt as if I was working out for nothing. I felt the weight was coming on uncontrollably and the hard work I was putting in was for nothing. 
Let me tell you that all that hard work I put in was not for nothing. 
The nurses were so impressed with how fast my body was healing itself. They were impressed at how fast everything was going back to normal. My body was use to working hard and it was prepared to put everything back to the way it was before I was pregnant. 
I haven’t stepped on a scale since I gave birth. And honestly I don’t think I want to until my 6 week appointment. I have however taken progress pictures to see how quickly my body has gone down. It’s amazing to me to watch it day by day. 
My body has amazed me. And as discouraged as I felt those last few months…I see now that it was not for nothing. It kept me and my baby healthy and I am so thankful for that.
I am impressed at what the female body goes through during pregnancy and then during labor and child birth. It is mind blowing. My body grew a human and my body birthed that human. It went through so much trauma and it bounces back in a way that I couldn’t be more grateful for. 
I felt amazing right after birth. I felt strong and empowered and though my body was worn out and tired…it was strong from all the workouts I put in during those 9 months. 

I understand that it took 9 months of stretching and weight gain to grow that precious baby and it will take a while for my body to heal and be back to normal. But I am so thankful for the healing it has already done in these last 5 days. 
It has helped me have a whole new respect for my body. 
It can be discouraging after you have a baby to look in the mirror and no longer recognize the person staring back at you. I get that. I truly do. But remember the amazing process your body just endured. It stretched to no end and it took on growing a BABY. Your body has worked hard 24/7 the last 9 months. And that in itself is impressive. 
Respect yourself and take pride in what your body just accomplished. Because it’s amazing. So totally completely amazing. 
So, if you are pregnant and fit and are feeling like your workouts mean nothing…don’t be discouraged because it DOES mean something. Your body and baby will thank you for it one day. Even if your not active or fit during pregnancy…don’t get discouraged…your body is working hard. So very hard. Keep that in mind.
Stay determined and trust the process.
Thanks for reading,



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