One month and one week. We are one month and one week away from Dday. 
You could come before or you could come after. 
As much as I’m going to miss the sweet kicks inside my tummy…I am so ready to meet you. We all are. We of course are patiently waiting for January to get here. Because we don’t want you to come too early! Keep on baking baby girl.
I feel I have so much left to do before you get here. Lists on lists of things to do before you’re here and some things left to buy. 
I think about packing our hospital bags daily. I haven’t yet though. I am almost nervous to. It will make it even more real. 
I am nervous. I am nervous to have two children to care for now. I am nervous to have two children to pack for on vacations. I am nervous to give birth. I am nervous to spend time inside of a hospital. I am nervous that we won’t have enough diapers, wipes, and other things. 

So many nerves. But for every nerve there is a million more feelings of excitement. I know all these nerves will fade right when we see your precious face. 
That precious face. Those perfect eyes. That perfect nose. Your cute little lips. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see who you look like and see your own cute little traits. 
My pregnancy has been extremely easy. It has been great so far. 9 months is a long time. It can become exhausting. It IS exhausting. Growing a tiny human is tiring. Your body is constantly working 24/7. It never stops, ever. And then once the baby is born is still works to produce food for your precious baby. Our bodies are seriously amazing. Women are amazing. And I’m so proud and thankful to be pregnant and to be experiencing it all. 
I think sometimes we take it for granted. I find myself complaining at times I want my body back. I want the weight off. I want to run again. I want to workout harder. I want to feel myself again. I complain about little sleep. I complain about my clothes not fitting. I complain about the things I can and can’t eat. 

But then…I stop and think that all of those things are so silly. 9 months may seem like a long time…but compared to a lifetime it is a blink of an eye. It’s a precious time. And though at times I sit and complain and feel those rush of hormones hit me…it’s simply amazing to be pregnant. It’s something no one should take for granted. It’s one of life’s most amazing blessings. It’s something not everyone gets to experience. And that breaks my heart. 
It’s like I say with my running…when running gets frustrating I think about those who want to but aren’t able. Same with pregnancy. When it gets hard and frustrating I think of those who want it but can’t. And I appreciate it and become more grateful than I was before.
I know this post is somewhat random. But I just decided to get some words out today. And of course I wanted to add some of the wonderful maternity pictures we had taken this past weekend. Photo credit goes to
She is so very talented and so fun to shoot with! Not to mention her photos are beautiful. 

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Random nothingness

Random nothingness

Oh good afternoon my dear bloggers!!! 
I have been so busy this weekend I haven’t even had time to blog. I have been so disconnected from my phone/social media and I love it. It’s insane what stepping away from those things will do for you very heart and soul.

As much as I truly do love social media and the way it connects folks. I love a good step back.

My weekend was pretty great. I honestly haven’t been brain storming blog ideas or blog topics the past few days so I don’t really have much to blog on. I have a few sitting in my drafts that I’m just not quite ready to post yet. 

Therefore, this blog is going to be very short and sweet. I hope yall don’t mind.

First off, pictured above was the highlight of my weekend. The Florida Georgia line concert. I got to expirience it with great friends and the weather couldn’t of been more perfect. 

It was the most perfect fall afternoon. A great night for a concert. 

If you’ve never been to an FGL concert you’re missing out. They put on one hell of a show. Even people who don’t care for their music enjoy watching them perform. They are full of talent and their band knows how to rock out. 

It was great to put on my boots and dance the night away. 

There was no hiking this weekend seeing we didn’t get home till after 1am this morning. It was a long night and our bodies needed more rest than anything.

Other than that I got nothing else at this time. I am actually at a loss for words of happiness. That doesn’t really happen often so I’m soaking it in!

I hope everyone had a great fun filled weekend!

I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Weekend wonders

Weekend wonders

hey all!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. The weekend was a busy one and I picked to focus on the now than to blog. 

It’s nice to take a step back from social media and blogging some days.

It’s nice to soak up your surroundings and those who surround you.

That ^ was quite the view on my hike today. I was suppose to go on s hike yesterday but it rained all day long. I’m so glad it did though. I did shopping and footbal yesterday and hiking and more football today.

I have never quite enjoyed the weekends as I do now. I cherish every last single second of them.

Learning to soak in the time I have here on this beautiful earth is such a fun and beautiful process.

Learning to love life despite the pain, despite the hardship, and despite the struggles. It’s so very beautiful.

Tonight I am soaking in a very quiet house while drinking some wine. 

And every single last quiet second is perfect. 

Struggling through life with anxiety and depression is hard some days. It’s a learning process. It’s about learning what gets me down and what gets me up. 

Cutting out the things in life that bring you down is okay. No matter what they are. Life is too short to keep things or people in your life that don’t belong there. Hold the ones that lift you up close. The others can go.

Alright, that’s enough of my rambles for the day. I’ll post a more meaningful and more thought our blog post tomorrow. I hope everyone had a funfilled and safe weekend.

Thanks for reading,