Into the depths we go..

Into the depths we go..

As the media coverage of Lamar Odom becomes older and older news with each passing day../I wanted to bring it back in the spot light.

Not nessasarly Mr. Odom himself, but his sickness.

You see, Mr. Odom is an addict. He has issues. Clearly. 

But, don’t we all? 

Are any of us perfect? No.

Anyways, the situation with Lamar made me personally think. It hit me harder than most celeb news. In fact, half the time I don’t really pay attention to the happenings of the rich and famous. I just don’t care to pay attention much to them.

This though, this hit me. It showed me again that these people are human and have real life problems. It reminded me that money doesn’t fix mental or personal issues. In fact, it may even cause more. 

I sit and think at times how nice it must be to make so much money. Then again no matter how much you make…us as humans tend to live life styles beyond our means. No matter how much we make. We tend to always want more.

On another note. Addiction.

How sad the whole situation was to me. I payed attention to it because I feel for anyone who suffers with mental issues and drug issues. Rich or poor. It doesn’t matter. An issue is an issue. And I know how torturing a mental illness is and how it taunts you from the inside out.

I saw so many people making jokes and laughing. Why? A few people I saw saying “when you have that much money and that much talent why would you do that?”

Well, it’s easy to ask why when we aren’t in someone’s shoes. We don’t know what’s going on inside his head or even in his personal life. Look, rich people struggle too. Poor people struggle. Middle class struggles. We all struggle. We are all human. No matter your race or even how much money and talent you have.

Sure, it’s easy for us people who aren’t that talented making millions to sit back and point fingers and say “if I had that money and talent I would never do that.”. But, we aren’t there. We aren’t him. We aren’t her. We aren’t them.

Are you perfect? No? Okay, then it really isn’t your place to judge. In fact, it’s not any of our place to judge. Until we have all lived in one another’s shoes…we have no right to judge anyone.

You never know the struggle of someone else’s heart. 

You never know the pain or even the happiness.

You don’t know.

I am very sensitive to judgement. I mean, who actually likes to be judged? 

I want to be cautious more often on this. 

I wanted to wait until it all died down a little more before creating and posting this post.

With some of my posts my intent is to stir the pot a little bit. To cause people to think in the moment of the happenings. But, with this one I didn’t really want to do that.

I wanted to give it time to cool off a bit. Let people clear their minds a bit. 

I was rather flustered at the fact of people making fun of the situation. I actually wrote a whole different blog post the day that everything happened. I was upset and angry with those who were making fun of Lamar.  Not that I am defending him or what he has done. Because I am not. At all. But, I am respecting the fact that he is human despite being rich and famous. 

I have issues as well. I have some mental issues…depression and anxiety. Big time. There are times where my brain goes to some crazy places. It goes and wonders. So, I get the going crazy inside part. I don’t understand the addiction to drugs because I have never tried drugs. That has always been something that is extremely easy for me to say no to. But, I also know depression, anxiety and other worldly issues can push humans to points we don’t want to be and don’t know how we got there in the first place or how anyone can get to those places. 

Those aren’t excuses. They are real and true. It happens. 

I try to remind myself often that I am human, he is human, she is human, they are human. We as humans mess up in big ways sometimes. It’s life. We must learn from our mistakes and better ourself through them. If we don’t learn from them than we will never grow. 

So, here’s to being human. Here is to messing up(because we all will), here is to forgiveness, here is to growth and last but certainly not least, here is to loving.

Thanks for reading,


Social social social media and the Internet

Social social social media and the Internet


I read something yesterday that made me laugh out loud a little.

“Thanks to the booming of blogging the Internet has turned into one giant soapbox”

How true is that? It’s so very true. There are so many bloggers it’s almost overwhelming at times to think about. 

The Internet is such an amazing thing.

It is also one of the most dangerous and harmful things in existence if you ask my opinion. And of course you’re asking my opinion because you’re on my blog…and my blog is based on my opinions. He he.

The Internet is a necessary evil these days I believe. At times it is extremely helpful. At times it is extremely horrible. I’ve had good and very bad experiences with the Internet.

• the Internet makes it so you can communicate with friends near and far. 

In this case it is awesome. You can comminicate with friends all around the country, heck, all around the world! Totally awesome right?!

At this same point this can also be a extremely sad thing. Because you can watch your friends that live far lives…you won’t be as determined to actually travel to see your friends. The Internet makes it so we don’t have to see our friends face to face. 

• the Internet let’s you say what you want, when you want, and hide behind a screen.

It is so easy to sit behind a screen and type how you feel(obviously). You don’t have to deal with confrontation. And you don’t have to deal with that persons reaction face to face. The Internet takes bullying to a whole new level. 

• the Internet is an endless source of information

While this is an awesome thing. Every high school and college students dream. Being able to find info at the sinple click of a button. Awesome right? Totally awesome.

At the same time this can be very tricky. One word, Wikipedia. I don’t know how they do it these days. But when I was in school we were not allowed to use Wikipedia as a source for information. I mean the average joe can post that there has been a pink banana in the Amazon for 1 million years that they just discovered and someone on planet earth would believe it. Don’t believe everything you read people.

• online dating. 

So you don’t have time to go out and meet people? And all your friends are taken and their friends are taken and their friends friends are taken. And you just don’t have time. Not to mention you really don’t feel like meeting the love of your life at a bar. So, you go to the lovely interweb! Tinder, POF, eharmony etc etc. 

look, I’m not judging. I’ve used a few dating sites myself. 

But let’s look at this. You meet a stranger ONLINE. They could be anyone! Refer back to my other point about hiding behind a screen. The Internet is most dangerous because you can be anything or anyone you want to be. You can hide your true identity. This is the most dangerous of all in my opinion. 

Take caution when online dating. When meeting strangers online. Be careful. Obviously.

Now that I’ve gone a complete rant about the Internet…I’m going to rant about just how much I adore the interweb.

First off, social media. Dear good gosh. I love social media. I love it so much. I like to post things people like to see. I like connecting with friends near and far. I love reading other people’s blogs. I love blogging. I love reading silly articles that make me smile and laugh when the day is dragging. I like to get my feelings out for people to see. I like relating to people and people relating to me. I love having the news on my feed on Facebook and Twitter. I like keeping up with celebs. I like looking up fashion tips and decorating tips and recipes. I love having all kinds of information in front of me. 

With the Internet the possibilities are endless. Use these possibilities for good. Inspire those around you with your positivity. And motivate and love those around you. Make a difference. Make people remember you in the best ways possible. Leave a mark and shine brightly through your social media. Again, make a difference, even if it’s a small one. 

Thanks for reading,