Opinions opinions opinions. I warned you.

Opinions opinions opinions. I warned you.

Hello all!

It was a busy weekend that is for sure. 

It was filled with coffee, game of thrones, corn maze, building up my garage gym, hot tea, and front porch sitting. 

I’d say that sums up one hell of an awesome weekend.

I’m currently working on a few blog posts but they aren’t where I would like them to be yet. 

I do however have a subject I really want to blog on.

I like to blog about my opinion of things that are happening in the news.

So, let’s talk about how Caitlyn Jenner has become “women of the year” by glamour magazine.

First, this is ridiculous because “Caitlyn” is not a women.

I read an article when things came out about Bruce becoming a women. I’ve wanted to make a post but just wasn’t ready until now. Anyways, the article that I had read made a great point..

Bruce Jenner isn’t a women. 

Now, I am not bashing transgendars. I can’t imagine how that must feel because I’ve never been in that position. Do I believe you can be born a women in a mans body? No, I don’t believe that. I believe if you were born with a penis than you are in fact a man..and if you were born with a Vagina than in fact you are a women.

Does Caitlyn bleed for a week straight once a month? No. Does she have the ability to go into one of the most painful things in life and that is labor? No. 

You know why? Because she isn’t a female.. 

I’ve posted before in one of my other blog posts about my views. So, if you’ve been following along you know I’m not a supporter of certain things. I don’t judge. But! I also have my own opinion. And yes, I will share it. 

I’m not judging Caitlyn by any means. I’m not judging anyone in the transgender community.

I do however think that the title of “women of the year” should be given to, in fact, a women.

I know, I know. The world today is changing. It’s a different place. Things are more accepted, clearly. That does not mean I have to believe in it or agree. I will state my opinions. I will share them. I will not however be rude to anyone who doesn’t share in my opinions as I’ve said a million times and I’ll say it many, many more. I love sharing opinions. 

Here’s another opinion for you all…I personally think it’s offensive to women. Again, MY opinion. Share it with me or not. My blog, not yours. 

I hate stepping on toes. Hate it. But I really wanted to put my opinion on this matter out there. I just…I almost don’t even know what to think. I’m so very mind blown. But, I have to remember this is media. Media receives attention. Putting “her” as women of the year obviously received huge attention. That’s what the world is about right? Or making a change or a difference. I bet glamour blew up. Bravo glamour for making your money. 

Let’s remember…they put stuff on there that will sell, that will stir stuff up. I know, because well, I’m a writer. You want stuff that will stir a little drama. You want something juicy. Trust me, I get it. I do.

So, my opinion? I’m not going to sit back and worry about a magazine trying to make money. I’m glad Caitlyn can finally feel good in her own skin. And I’m sure she has made a few pretty pennies as well.

With all that being said…now that I have gone off on a matter that 95%(or more) of humans have gone off about…I’m ending my rant/random blog post on something I really really couldn’t care less about(ha ha!)

Did I get your blood pressure up a bit? Did I have you disagreeing? Or even agreeing with me? Stir up some things every now and again. It works. 😉

So, congrats to the first male(or female? Penis or vagina?) to win “women of the year” award.

On another completely different note….

My home gym is coming along great!

A little side note to end this perfectly opinionated rant<3 

Back to your regular programming.

Thanks for reading,




(Pictured above…my peachy green tea from day 13 of 100 days of happy)

Now onto the blog 😉 

This ties into my tragedy post a little.

Being present is something I’m learning currently. 

I have a tendency to dwell on the past and worry about the future. So, becoming present has and is a huge challenge for me. 

When becoming present you have to live in the now. You have to be here. You have to be in the happenings of now. 

This is such a huge challenge. 

I have learned that yoga has been helping me to be present. I focus on nothing but my breathing and the flow of my body and my muscles. Taking deep breaths help me to be present. They help to relax me and bring my mind to the now.

Worrying about tomorrow doesn’t do a dang good thing for you brain or your body. It is unneeded stress.

Worry is one of the strongest of evils. 

Dwelling isn’t doing you any good either. If you’re stuck in the yesterdays of life then how are you going to enjoy and live today for the best it can be. If you dwell on yesterday or the past you might miss something today. You may miss something huge. You may miss the opportunity of your life. 

Focus. Focus on today. Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow, tomorrow. Tomorrow will become your present. Worry about it then, not now. 

Life will las by so very quickly. 

Trust me folks, I need to take my own advice. I need to learn from my own words. This is just something I know I need to do but getting to that point is extremely challenging.

I do enjoy challenges though. 

I will continue to work hard at it. Maybe one of these days I will embrace the present fully and live for today.

I don’t much dwell in the past(I do sometimes). I am more of the worrier of the future. Will I be able to pay my bills next week? Where will I be next year? Will I be here? Will I be somewhere else? Who will be there with me? What is going to happen? Is everything going to be okay?

That’s just a few of the questions I have for life. 

I just need to let go and be present. I will deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. 

So here is to the present, here is to the now. Here is to current. Here is to living today to be the best today it can be. 

Be present. Be current. Be here. Be now. 


You got this.

Thanks for reading,


Words(Part 1)

Words(Part 1)


I just want to get into something that is extremely important to me. I’ve been thinking about this a lot here lately. Actually, in being a writer I often think about this. Sometimes even daily.

As someone who got bullied some through high school I understood the true hurt that can come from words. 

I’ve also been on the attacking end of words. 

Let’s admit one thing we know to be true. Words hurt.

You can sit there with your sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me bull crap….but you’re only in denial.
Words suck the life out of you at times. Being a writer I truly understand the power of words. Words have altered history. They have changed lives. Words stir major emotions. Words can calm a person down, words can tear a person apart, words can drive people. Words DO drive people.

Put a kid in school who gets talked down to day after day. Gets made fun of day in and day out. Those words affect him/her. They change someone. They can mold someone. Words are powerful.

Words are incredible. Words are simply amazing. I love words. Words are one of the best things on planet earth(besides coffee…see previous post). Words are so lovely and make you feel so good on the inside. Words can make you laugh, smile and feel the simplest of joys. 

I can use words to create a story. I can use words to lift people up. I can use words to form an idea. I can use words to change bad things into good. I adore words. I adore the use of words. I adore creating with words. I love the simple things you can do with words.

With a passion for words as strong as mine. I understand the power they hold. We as humans hold an extreme amount of power with words. It’s our form of communication. It’s so strong. 

I’ve had my share of positive affects as well as negative from words. I’ve felt the power in a good and very bad way. I’ve learned so much. 

You can never take words back. Ever. I spoke some cruel words to friends before. It happens. We mess up. Before you speak, think. It changes lives. I promise. 

Clearly I am extremely passionate for words. They really do mean a lot to me. 

Being a writer can be such a great thing. It can also be hard. Feeling emotions from words can be so very hard. It’s a struggle when those negative situations arise. Than it can be so very wonderful when the positive is there. More days than not there is positive. Hearing positive words around is one of the most wonderful things. 

The world has tons of negative words to say these days. Let’s spread some positive. Let’s use words for good. Be a light. Create with words. Play with words. Be caring with words. Love your words. Love your voice. Because it holds a lot of power<3

(100 days of happy)

Day 5 of 100 days of happy. 

My job!

My job makes me happy! I wake up in the morning and I don’t dread coming to work. I love what I do and I absolutely love my co workers. They are extremely supportive in all areas of my life and the love I receive from them is incredible. 

I was blessed with this wonderful opportunity and I am so glad I went for it. It was scary leaving my old company where I had been for 2 years. But, God had bigger and better things for me here. 
Thanks for reading,